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Cornerspotted: 13th Street Looking North From Carlton

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We got a lot of close answers to this week's Cornerspotter, but urban designer/planner Leah Murphy hit the nail on the head: the photo was taken on 13th Street at the corner of Carlton, which is a small street close to Callowhill.

How did Murphy get the answer? "I'm a board member of VIADUCTgreene and I work in the Wolf Building on 12th and Callowhill. I knew it's the only place where an elevated portion crosses over a surface street at a more or less 90-degree angle. The shadows gave away that it was looking north."

The two hints we gave were 1. the area was once depressing, and 2. it might be a hot spot soon. In the first instance, we were referring to the presence of the city morgue at 13th and Callowhill—a rather morbid detail, without a doubt. In the second instance, we were referring to Bart Blatstein's proposed Provence, the casino that would reside at Broad and Callowhill, which will bring more activity to the area.

Thanks to all for playing!
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