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Russell M. Nigro's Washington Square Condo Listed at $1.9M

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It's all AVI, all the time today. This two-bedroom condo belongs to former Pennsylvania Supreme Court Judge Russell M. Nigro, who was also a member of the Board of Revision of Taxes, the agency that was once responsible for property assessments. Nigro was one of six key players who collaborated with the mayor to disband the BRT and move the ball forward toward AVI. Nigro bought this two-bedroom condo in the Ayer Building for $1.35 million in 2009. (Bothered by a roughly $1,000 annual assessment, he quickly filed a class action lawsuit against Center City District and the city, claiming it was unconstitutional.) This 2,000-square-foot unit with high ceilings and hardwood floors is rather plain, but it's on Washington Square, which accounts for the price.
Size: 2 beds, 3 baths, 2,007 square feet
Amenities: Concierge, fitness center, storage, driver
Price: $1,899,000
· Listing: 210 W Washington Square #3NE [Trulia]