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Neighborhood of the Year Finalists Bury the Passyunk Hatchet

When we held our Curbed Cup Neighborhood of the Year contest, there was outrage in the streets because of two competing neighborhoods: Passyunk Square and East Passyunk Crossing. Why, people asked, didn't we just call it all East Passyunk? The short answer: That's how the submissions came in. What we never could have predicted was that the two adjacent neighborhoods would end up going head to head in the final matchup.

In good sporting form, the two civic associations—now bitter rivals in this contest—made a wager: the second-place finisher would have to bring food to the winning neighborhood's civic association meeting, thereby crossing the perilous zip code boundary.

Last night, the bet was settled with delicious food: six pizzas provided by Birra, croquettes, empanadas and shrimp ceviche courtesy of Cantina Lost Caballitos, and beverages courtesy of the Passyunk Ave BID.

East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association Zoning Chair David Goldfarb says, "A great time was had by all, and after a bit of ribbing, it was all love for our one great neighborhood."
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