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Trulia CEO on List Price Growth: "Philadelphia Is Still Lagging"

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Trulia is one of the juggernauts of online real estate, with 3.5 million listings. Today the New York Times published an interview with Trulia CEO Pete Flint, who got the idea for the company in 2004. Since then, the company has gone public and grown at a rapid pace—and now their focus has shifted to mobile, which is easily monetized. "We went from seven apps at the end of 2011 to 14 different apps at the end of 2012," Flint told Vivian Marino.

Marino asked Flint about the data the company mines, and for our area, the new wasn't good. "Out of the 100 markets we track, only 14 are declining in list prices, so 86 of the markets are on the upswing," he said. "Newark and Philadelphia are the ones that are still lagging."

Just for clarification, the Trulia Price Monitor uses the official Office of Management and Budget definitions for Metropolitan Statistical Areas but then use Metropolitan Divisions if available. This means when Flint says, "Philadelphia," he does mean Philadelphia proper.