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Say 'Stephen Starr,' Wave Your Arms and Poof! Building Sells!

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The above $349,900 property wins this week's prize for Utterly Priceless Brokerbabble. Clearly, the invocation of Stephen Starr's name—excuse us, "Steven" Starr—is enough to make any building sell. The highlights:

As you know, businesses feed off of each other and along the Frankford Ave Corridor, we have many successful businesses such as Frankford Hall by "Steven Starr", Johnny Brenda's, East Side Bottle Cap featuring a variety of micro brews, art studios, coffee shops and more. New businesses are popping up everyday on this up and coming Corridor, one being Steven Starrs latest project, a Mexican Themed Restaurant just 200 ft. away from this prime location.
· Listing: 1525-27 Frankford Ave