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People of Philly Could Not Stop Crashing Into Walls Yesterday

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When it comes to drivers crashing into built structures, Monday was a perfect 3-for-3. A 70 year-old woman kicked off the maelstrom of freak incidents a little after 9:30am yesterday when she crashed her car into a South Philly Wawa at the intersection of Tasker & Columbus. The spotlight then shifted to Roxborough where an 'elderly female driver' drove her car into the front of a Dunkin Donuts on Ridge Avenue around 3:30pm. Luckily, no serious injuries would result from either of these crashes.

The most serious accident came an hour later at the intersection of 24th & College Avenue where a man suffered serious injuries after wedging his car directly into a 10- foot wall at Girard College. The wall in question was included in the will of Stephen Girard, who founded the college before passing away in 1831. No word yet on whether or not the wall will need to be partially demolished, but extensive repairs are a certainty.

These three accidents were completely unrelated to each another and strangely prefaced by a separate crash on Lincoln Drive in Mt. Airy early Sunday morning, where an SUV crashed (flipping at least once) through several boulders and a fence before coming to a rest on the outskirts of Cresheim Valley Park.

Let this be a lesson, Philadelphia. The economy is coming around, but let's try to support our local businesses, colleges, and parks by keeping our cars safely in the parking lots.
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