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Rocky and Adrian's Home From Rocky Two Listed For $140 K

Yo Philly! Rocky and Adrian's house is on the market! Built in 1923, the old school three bedroom home at 23rd & Lambert is a must-see for you Rocky fans out there (which we assume is everybody reading this). For a movie set home, it's not too glamorous, but $139,900 isn't much to drop on some real estate memorabilia. This place last sold for the incredible price of $12,500. That was in 1980, the year after Rocky Two was released.

The entire exterior face of the home appears to be original to the film: the front railing, inside door and bay window, mailbox; even the numberplate that Rocky liked so much. "You know, these numbers [2313] almost add up to nine here. I like that. That's a good omen." Words of wisdom from Rocky right there. There's a reason he was a boxer, not a physicist.
Size: Three bedrooms, 1.5 bath, 1,036 sq ft
Outdoor Space: Backyard lot, two blocks from Girard Park
· 2313 S Lambert St, Philadelphia [Zillow]