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*UPDATE* Ninth National Bank Building All But Gone

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Photos of bank building at Front and Norris streets by Laura Kicey

Curbed last mentioned Kensington's old Ninth National Bank building at Front & Norris last May when it was merely endangered. Today it seems more of a foregone conclusion that the bank will soon be no more.

According to a recent Hidden City article, the current owner of the property (the Women's Community Revitalization Project) has received backing from the state in the form of tax credits to develop the land as a low-income housing complex. Opened in 1885 and currently overgrown with vegetation directly adjacent to the Market-Frankford Line elevated rails, the Ninth National Bank has been neglected and under-appreciated for decades.

So what do you think — should the historic bank building be restored and repurposed, or is demolition and redevelopment the best solution right now? Regardless, it seems as though Philadelphia is on the verge of losing yet another historic structure.
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