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A Look Inside Two Liberty's Soon-to-Be Repurposed Condos

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The defunct is a treasure trove for Philadelphia's urban history nerds. It's chock full of photo essays and construction galleries, along with tons of insight on pretty much everything of note in the city. As it turn out, the site editor, R. Bradley Maule just moved back to Philly after a stint in Seattle, and seems to have taken up contributing to Hidden City. Mazel Tov and welcome home, buddy!

Two weeks ago, Curbed posted an article on the breaking story that the upper floor condos at Two Liberty are to be repurposed as hotel space. Naturally, we wondered what the condos up there might look like, and lucky for us, an old PhillySkyline photo essay showed us.

Shot by Maule, this gallery shows off the insane views near the top of Two Liberty that we expected, but it's hard to imagine this space becoming a hotel. It shouldn't take long to repurpose the space, but who will be the buyer?Scroll to the bottom of the PhillySkyline page to launch the full gallery.
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