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Inside 1706 Rittenhouse's Multi-Million Dollar Condos

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When a two-story penthouse sold for $12.5M in 2010 at 1706 Rittenhouse, it set for a new record for Philadelphia. Home to surgeons, pediatricians, real estate magnates, CEOs, and two Phillies pitchers, the building still has still has six available units starting at roughly $4M.
The first to submit a down payment on one of the building's residences was Curbed reader and resident Evan Evelev, who reached out to us and offered a first-hand look at 1706 Rittenhouse. It did not disappoint. Each unit is comprised of a full floor, with the exception of the two-story penthouse. The 31-story building was completed in 2010, and features an underground automatic parking garage for 64 vehicles.

Current listings are:
#1101 asking $4,568,700
#1301 asking $5,200,000
#1401 asking $4,898,100
#2301 asking $5,598,200
#2401 asking $6,100,000

Evelev offered a demonstration of the fully automated key fob-operated parking system that extends four stories below street level. Residents can use their fob to call for their vehicle from the garage or from within one of the two elevator banks (which are programmed to stop only at the lobby and the floor assigned to each resident's fob, ensuring that an "unexpected drop-in" is an impossibility).

Unit #1301 has been fully furnished with amenities such as a Wolf, Franke, Dombracht, Sub-Zero, Bosch and Joanne Hudson kitchen, hardwood floors, and a fireplace in the main living area. This unit has been arranged as a four bedroom, two bath layout, but other options are available within the building.

Raw units (like Unit #2301) offer buyers the option to customize their 4,200 square foot space however they choose. Wood floors, carpet, tile; the options are endless. For example, buyers can choose to have one massive bedroom or four, depending on their needs and preferences. Neighbors on adjacent floors don't need to be concerned with the nuisance of construction noises, as each floor is separated with a layer of noise-dampening material, making sure that each unit is as silent as a quiet afternoon in the suburbs.

We came across some interesting construction photos that show the depth of the foundation, shot almost four years ago to the day by SkyscraperPage forum user tua21506.

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