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The Forgotten Warwick at Rittenhouse Square

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Sitting vacant on the 1900 block of Sansom is the old Rittenhouse Coffee Shop, Warwick apartment, and Oliver H. Bair funeral home. Acquired by the PPA with the intentions of turning the block into a movie theater/ parking garage in 1997, eviction notices were issued to all tenants of the Warwick, giving residents only 30 days to find a new home. The PPA later sold the properties to the Walnut Rittenhouse Association for $36.7M in 2007, which now owes approximately $360,000 in tax liens according to Philadelinquency's spiffy new map of tax delinquencies.

Will this spell any progress for the blighted block, or will the liens continue to go unpaid like hundreds of other properties in the city? It's almost shocking that such large properties are wasting away in the heart of one of Philadelphia's more prestigious neighborhoods, especially when considering the sale price six years ago. Unfortunately for now, they remain vacant and forgotten.
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