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Philadelphia Wants To Be Portland or Seattle When It Comes Dealing With Storm Water and Other Hippie Concerns

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InFill Philadelphia - Soak it Up! Awards from GreenTreks Network on Vimeo.

In a city most often known for our belligerent sports fans and high crime rates, it's nice to see several recent developments hint at a more gentle side and a greener, cleaner city to come. Tonight, the winners of the Soak It Up! Stormwater Management competition will present their proposals at the Natural Academy of Sciences to a sold out crowd (who knew there was such enthusiasm for grey water management?) In a video contest participants express the hopes that Philadelphia will come to surpass even Portland and Seattle as a model for sustainable stormwater management.

But stormwater management isn't the end of the sustainable story. Nutter's city budget includes $3 million dollars for the development of a bike share program that is due to hit the streets in 2014. Additionally, the Central District Plan for 2035, released yesterday, includes lots of additional park space in the middle of the city. Even 30th Street Station is being recognized for innovative urban gardening by the American Society for Landscape Architects. And in a list compiled by the Environmental Protection Agency of cities with the most energy efficient buildings, Philadelphia ranked 11th.
· Plants Mask Construction Site Near 30th Street Station[Curbed Philly]
—Molly Webb