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Society Hill Mirrors Pay Tribute To Philandering Forefather

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If you've ever spent time in Society Hill, you may have noticed the busybody mirrors that hang from second and third story windows. A busybody mirror is a collection of three mirrors hung from a window with a metal rod, arranged so that a person inside the house can see who is at the door without being seen.

Though some sources claim that the mirrors were invented by none other than Benjamin Franklin himself, legend has it that Franklin first discovered busybody mirrors while serving as the revolutionary ambassador to France, during his many productive meetings in Paris's red light district. Legend also holds that Franklin used his busybody to slip out the back door when he saw his mother-in-law on his stoop.

If you want your own busybody, you can purchase a new one from the Ben Franklin BusyBody Company, or you can troll ebay for an antique version.
· The Ben Franklin BusyBody [Official]
—Molly Webb
[Image via Flicker User Cle0patra]