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New Residential Developments in West Philly Cast Shadow Over Clark Park, Literally

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On March 11th, a proposed project for the vacant lot at the corner of 43rd and Baltimore recieved conditional approval from the zoning board. The proposed building is a 92 unit high rise with six parking spaces for cars, and, reportedly, 36 parking spaces for bicycles. The highrise would be located right across the street from Clark Park, arguably the center of West Philly's granola crunching, yoga loving culture. The comments section over at westphillylocal indicates that current residents are none too pleased at the prospect of a highrise on the park.

Further down 43rd street, another highrise project received zoning approval on March 5th. Located at the corner of 43rd and Sansom, the plans for this project include 31 residenital units, two retail spaces, 13 parking spaces, and an indeterminate number of bike parking spaces. With these projects looming, it looks like the low-density Victorian neighborhood is going to have to make room for some new neighbors. At least we know there'll be bike parking.
· 92-unit complex proposed for 43rd and Baltimore, across from Clark Park [West Philly Local]
—Molly Webb