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Taxes Rise, But Will The City Collect Them?

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As the new Actual Value Initiative property value assessments come in, Philadelphians, particularly longtime residents of rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods are feeling the sting. Though Mayor Nutter has proposed $20 million in tax breaks to lessen the burden on longtime residents of areas where property values are rising, details about how those breaks would work aren't yet available, and many homeowners are still digging in to fight the new property value assessments and attendant rise in property taxes.

The dustup over AVI assesments comes alongside Mayor Nutter's proposal to spend $40 million to fight tax delinquency. Though there is no controversy over whether or not Philly has a tax delinquency problem, (it does,) heated debate continues over how to fix it. Nutter's budget contains no expected revenue increase from recouped taxes, and city council officials are skeptical.

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