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New Affordable Housing For Seniors Will Accompany Affordable Health Center in Tioga

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A new affordable housing development for low income seniors has recieved tax credit funding from the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency. NewCourtland, the developer behind the project, was waiting on funding before starting construction, but now that the tax credits have been secured, the 60-unit apartment building will go up at the old Stanley Blacker suit factory location on Allegheny close to 19th street. Construction may not start until 2014, but the development will take about 18 months to complete.

The first phase of this project, the Senior LIFE center is already well underway. Seniors who qualify for Medicaid/Medicare will be able to get checkups and therapy at the LIFE center. The new apartment building will provide living space for area seniors that is easy to maintain and close to medical care, without forcing them to move out of the community. The news of the new apartment building and LIFE center comes as several other developments, announced and unannounced, take shape in North Philadelphia.
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