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Coca-Cola Bottle House Still Won't Sell

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Update: as of February, 2015, this house is still off the market. We'll keep you posted on any changes, since it seems like everyone is obsessed with this property. You can't even see through the front windows, for crying out loud.

Almost a year ago, Curbed profiled a unique townhouse that wasn't selling. As of 27 days ago, the listing is back up. Broker babble proclaims that this 1972 Society Hill home "embodies the charm of both old and new." In other words, it's a Frankenstein creation, intended to blend in with the other, older rowhouses on its block, but the final product doesn't really succeed. A vacation rental listing of the same property explains that "celebrity designer Carmelita Couture" is responsible for the interior design, and it's clear that the decor was guided by a strong point of view. There's a lot going on here, including a fireplace that's been covered over with a mirror, a bed with a velvet headboard, and a huge chandelier.
It's worth nothing that this house is sometimes known as the Coke bottle house. It was originally designed for the CEO of the Coca-Cola Corportation, and the lowermost exterior window is made from Coca-Cola bottles. The house is also located two doors down from the house where James and Dolly Madison lived between 1794 and 1797.

House Vitals:
Size: 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3,300 square feet.
Architectural style: Broker babble says "Composed of worldly historic architectural elements," we say, sure, the 1970's were historic.
Outdoor Space: Private interior courtyard
Features: Working fireplace, small balcony, 33-foot high ceilings, a window made from Coca-Cola bottles.
Listing Price: $950,000
· 433 Spruce Street [Prudential]
· Why Won't This One-of-a-Kind House in Society Hill Sell? [Curbed Philly]