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Groundbreaking News About Bathrooms. No, Really.

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A bill re-introduced by Councilman James Kenney was revised to require the City of Philadelphia to install gender-neutral bathroom facilities in all new city buildings. The bill would also require the city to update existing buildings with gender neutral bathrooms during scheduled maintenance. These open-ended, nonjudgemental places to relieve yourself would enhance safety and access in Philadelphia government buildings for transgender and gender non-conforming people. It's unclear whether the new restrooms would added as a third restroom option, or if they would replace men's and women's restrooms.

This bill, which also includes tax credits to enhance insurance benefits for domestic partners and transition related healthcare, would be the first piece of legislation of its kind in the nation. The bill would not significantly change city-owned buildings, but it might make those buildings more accessible and friendly to city residents from all walks of life. As Councilman James Kenney said to the Philadelphia Gay News, "It's got to be difficult and you have to have a lot of courage to get through life in the transgender community, and the government shouldn't be in people's ways."
· LGBT-reform bill back with first-in-nation trans inclusion [Philadelphia Gay News]