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Nordic Starchitects to Design Fancy Library for Temple

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Architecture firm Snøhetta, known for sleek contemporary designs and famous projects the world over, is coming to Temple on April 4th to begin their design process for a new library. Though Philly hasn't always been known for being on the architectural cutting edge, (we did refuse to build anything higher than 548 feet until 1987,) recent projects throughout the city suggest that we might be breaking out of our shell.

Though Snøhetta hasn't started their design process yet, a look at their other buildings shows a lot of sleek glass and long lines. They're known for collaborating with artists to create their designs, and they've worked all over the globe. Some of their most important projects include the redesign of Times Square in New York, the Oslo Opera House, the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in Alexandria, Egypt, The Norweigian Embassy in Berlin, and the National Museum Pavillion at the September 11th Memorial in New York.
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