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Massive Mansion Fit For Viking King Asks $2.275M

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This stone castle in Mt. Airy is truly massive: at 9,977 square feet, there's more space here than anyone could ever need. Maybe that's why this impressive mansion hasn't sold yet: the listing has been up for almost a year. Trulia shows that the house last sold for $1,572,500 in 2007, so the $2.275M ask is a pretty steep increase. The house is enclosed within a giant stone wall, which might make it a little forbidding to potential buyers, but it's definitely private. The house has EIGHT bedrooms, several working fireplaces, a massive kitchen, extensive back deck, and an in-ground pool. Although stonework dominates most of the house, the kitchen has a sleek and modern feel. The property truly is close to Fairmount park, and broker babble claims that it's only twenty minutes away from Center City. It's true that the Viking manor vibe isn't for everyone, but there has to be someone out there who wants extreme privacy and lots of stone.
House Vitals:
Size: 8 bedrooms, 10 baths, 9,977 square feet.
Amenities: Space, space, and more space, an inground pool, giant stone walls that surround the entire property, high ceilings, a massive back deck, and in one of the photos it looks like there might be a greenhouse.
Asking Price: $2,275,000
· 1025 Westview Street [Trulia]