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The Roxy Is Asking For Your Help to Renovate via Kickstarter

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Philadelphia is home to a number of historic movie palaces sitting unused and neglected. The Royal Theater on South and the Boyd/Sameric on Chestnut are just two examples of history crumbling right before our eyes. But the Roxy Theater on Sansom is getting another chance at a renewed future, as the Philadelphia Film Society launched a Kickstarter campaign on Friday in an effort to raise funds for its renovation.

Most American cities have the honor of boasting its own restored movie palace, conjuring images of yesteryear for film enthusiasts and local residents alike. These offer a glimpse at what used to be; a time when glitz and glamour were more valued in architecture and added a level of sophistication to the overall experience. In today's society we're more familiar with the concept of the lowest bidder as we stand and watch entire housing complexes and convenience stores built in a matter of a few short weeks.

Renovating the Roxy, despite not having opened its doors until the 1960s, would certainly be a victory for theater enthusiasts in the area and could potentially spark some more serious discussions about restoring other theaters here in Philadelphia.

Check back into Curbed later this afternoon for a Q&A session about another one of Philadelphia's neglected theaters with Howard Haas, President of the Friends of the Boyd.
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