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Rare Washington Sq Home from James Madison Era Asks $4M

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This place is a time capsule. Seriously. Just scrolling through the photos makes it feel like you've entered a different era. Built in 1809, the entrance's 60-foot marble floor and hanging chandelier is spectacular. Add a full bar, several fireplaces and a gorgeous stone stairwell, and you've got yourself one of the nicest properties in Philadelphia. And just in case you don't feel like dealing with the kids, well, there's an au pair suite too. Size: 4 bedrooms, 6 bath, 7,000 square feet
Perks: Beamed ceilings, full au pair suite with deck
Outdoor Space: Direct access to Washington Square, 2-car gated parking
Price: $3,999,999
· 228 W Washington Sq, Philadelphia, PA 19106 [Zillow]
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