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Plants Mask Construction Site Near 30th Street Station

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As we all know, it feels like the sun has barely come out in months and nearly everybody is reeling from the winter blues. But The Porch at 30th Street Station is undergoing a makeover on top of its makeover, which might help to brighten up your day a bit once springtime weather moves in.

According to Plan Philly, the University City District just installed a plant wall to mask the pedestrian view of the ongoing construction project near the west side of 30th Street Station. While it might not look particularly cheery at this very moment, check back in a few weeks when it begins to blossom fully.

Expect to see the plant wall installed at other locations across Philadelphia next year. For now, it will be greeting pedestrians until the construction project wraps up this coming winter.

If you're really losing your mind from the lack of greenery the past few months, jump on over to the new Papadakis Integrated Science Building at Drexel University, where a 75-foot biowall has been installed and living happily for nearly 18 months.

Check out the full story over at Plan Philly.
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