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Impressive 'Nova Mansion with Gorgeous Grounds Asks $3.9M

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Let's take a moment to change it up and head out to the suburbs. Here's a massive Villanova home fit for a whale in search of some quiet time away from the city. This property is massive, coming in at 9,315 square feet complete with 6 bedrooms and 9 (yes, NINE) bathrooms. Common courtesy suggests that you might need to shell out a few extra bucks to print out maps to the bathroom for your guests, so be sure to budget that in too.

This home at 1260 Ridgewood features a myriad of styles, from the colonial look of the dining room and den to the modern feel of the kitchen and breakfast bar. The impeccably groomed garden in the back yard appears to be an ideal spot for rest and relaxation without the bother of honking taxis and all the city noise that so many of us are accustomed to. Does anyone else see the potential for a good potato sack race in the back yard, or is it just us?

Size: 6 bedrooms, 9 bath (7 full, 2 half), 9,315 square feet
Perks: Vaulted ceilings, elevator
Outdoor Space: Massive garden, in-ground pool, tennis courts
Price: $3,900,000
· 1260 Ridgewood Rd, Villanova, PA [Estately]