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Condos Are Out: Hotel to Open Within Two Liberty Place

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This one's coming in hot. According to Natalie Kostelni of the Philadelphia Business Journal, Manhattan-based real estate investment group iStar Financial is going to pass on the original plan to convert several floors of the building into condo units. Instead, iStar has tasked Jones Lang LaSalle with finding a hotel to occupy those floors.

At 848 feet high, Two Liberty Place is Philadelphia's third highest building and already serves as a solid mix of commercial, office, and residential spaces. Some of you might recall a 2009 Phillymag article featuring the tower's most notable residents, Cole and Heidi Hamels.

It should be pretty interesting to see how this one turns out, so keep posted to Curbed for all the upcoming developments.
· Part of Skyscraper to be Sold, Converted to Hotel [Philadelphia Business Journal]