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Bike Lane Alongside I-676, Not Kidding.

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Naked Philly reports that Philadelphia bike commuters may get a brand new, high speed, high efficiency route for their morning commute. The catch? It'll be alongside I-676. The Greater Philadelphia Bike Coalition says that the project won't start for at least a year, but it's worth paying attention now, as bike experts and city officials try to figure out how to avoid a Froggeresque biker death trap.

A spokesman for the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia says, "Safety is the biggest concern, but the barriers seem to solve the problem. Then it will just be about educating drivers." The aforementioned barriers would be a mere four feet tall, and would (attempt) to separate the bike lane from the rest of the highway. Further, Philadelphia drivers, known regionally for their warm and receptive response to "education," might not greet the bike lane with joy: it'll take up about half a lane, and undoubtedly make a long commute longer. Still, Philadelphia has invested a lot of effort into becoming a more bike friendly city, and this could make biking to work (or wherever,) a lot easier.
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