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Center City Loft has Exposed HVAC Ducts, Asks $640K

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This loft is on the pricier end. $640K is a lot of money to pay for a living space that's only designed to accommodate one or two people, and though the listing says this place has two bedrooms, there's only one pictured. On the other hand, this loft is gorgeous: vaulted ceilings, exposed brick, and the shiniest damn kitchen on the market.
The broker babble here really takes the cake for odd emphasis: the spotlight is shone on a "drop-down sushi counter" and the exposed HVAC ducts. The staging in the main area doesn't really take advantage of the loft space: it's broken up into dining and living room areas, but the photos do show that the windows and ceilings are truly huge.

Loft Vitals:
Size: 2 beds (maybe,) 2 baths, 1,000 sq. ft.
Amenities: Super shiny appliances, marble counters, exposed brick, exposed HVAC ducts
Asking Price: $641,000
· 104 South 12th Street [Trulia]