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Casino Revolution Developers Are Just Here to Help

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Yesterday, PHL Local Gaming, the developers behind Casino Revolution, planted some evergreens at Burke Playground, presumably to prove their pure-of-heart credentials. Additionally, the developers announced the creation of a special services district for Lower South Philly, in order to "serve the needs of residents and businesses in the Lower South Philadelphia community."

In his remarks at the event, PR flacks and developer reps stressed their deep ties to the Lower South Philly community. Though the event appears to have mostly been attended by men in PHL Gaming t-shirts, a photo via PHL Local Gaming's facebook page shows that a nonplussed baby was also in attendance.

Though this is one of the first displays of goodwill from casino developers, we're sure it won't be the last. Steve Wynn's diversity fair for subcontractors and letter to Fishtown residents were fun, but we're hoping for ever more dramatic shows as the casino process drags on.
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