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Gorgeous and Rickety East Falls Money Pit Asks $294K

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This house has it all: stained glass, wood paneling, marble fire places, ornate tilework, a hand-carved banister, and all the other trappings of antiquated elegance. Unfortunately, it also has everything else: peeling paint, exposed beams (we're guessing that's not an intentional design feature,) broken everything, and enough musty intrigue to make you want it anyway.

Brokerbabble claims that there's a detached carriage house with a 2 car garage, but there's no photographic evidence of such. The backyard contains crumbling stonewalls edged over with vines, and somewhat less romantically, some kind of astroturf accident, and the world's most plastic playground.

This house has been profiled at the Preservation Alliance's website as a "Historic Opportunity", and "opportunity" is definitely the right word. If you're looking for the rickety money sinkhole of your antiquarian dreams, look no further.

House Vitals:
Size: 6 beds, 2 baths, 3,942 sq ft
Features: Stained glass, wood pannelling, a weird playground in the back, high ceilings, exposed beams, peeling paint, the works.
Asking Price: $294K
· 3617 Indian Queen Lane [Coldwell Banker
· 3617 Indian Queen Lane [Trulia]
· Historic Opportunities [Philadelphia Preservation Alliance]