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Parking in Philadelphia Apparently a Contentious Issue

Though Philadelphians are known worldwide for our manners, tact, and grace, it is our Parking Authority which has skyrocketed our local dustups to national television. Parking matters here in Philly, and today, two very important stories caught our attention.

· Though as of now, there is no parking available under the Ben Franklin Bridge, that might change soon. Under-bridge parking was banned as a safety measure after September 11th, and hasn't made a comeback since. Delaware River Port Authority spokesman, however, urged anyone waiting to park under the bridge "with bated breath" to "inhale." Further, Old City denizens worry about the stream of club-going hooligans that might be unleashed upon the charming stretch of pavement beneath the bridge.
· Though Old City residents are concerned about hooligans of the bridge-and-tunnel variety, an editorial at the Inquirer fumes at "special people" who can get away with parking wherever they damn well please, including right in front of City Hall. Though we're not sure how prevalent the problem is, there do appear to be cars parked there often, and it's a fair (and frustrating) point.

Philadelphia City Hall

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