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PHL Local Gaming 'Supporters' Didn't Wear Matching Tees for Free

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PHL Local Gaming, the collaboration between developers Walter Lomax and Joseph Proacci to build Casino Revolution, paid for people to pose as supporters and wear their team jerseys. Apparently, no one told these "supporters" not to talk to the media, because they did.

One man reported being paid $50 for every two hours he sat in on the casino hearings. Another "supporter" explained that representatives from PHL Local Gaming had dropped by the headquarters of Impact Philadelphia, and organization which, "helps people who came out from incarceration to try and find an opportunity for jobs and employment," to offer money in exchange for their presence at the meetings. Though there is clear camera footage of both of these conversations, both Lomax and Proacci immediately denied that they had paid anyone off, blaming PR people, and suggesting that radio coverage had motivated droves of white-shirted supporters.
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