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Greenroofs Spread Across City, Soak Up Storm Water & Praise

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Greenroofs are proliferating across Philadelphia at breakneck speed. An 11 townhome mixed-use development at the 1000 block of South 17th Street will be completed before the end of the year, and will feature a lush meadow to break up the desolate stretch of concrete and construction in the area. It's exciting to see a large, mostly residential development follow the already well-established green roof trend set by individual residences and public institutions.

We've already covered South Philly High's ambitious green roof project, (which is still seeking funding,) and we've mentioned the firm consulting with them, Roofmeadow, but we haven't mentioned Roofmeadow's 39 other projects in Philly, including their 47,000 sq ft green roof atop the PECO building, which you can tour.

Even the parking garage at the Convention Center has a large green roof. There are several green roof contractors operating in Philly, all of which seem to be doing a brisk business. There is even a tax credit available for Philadelphia businesses who put in green roof, which might be why there's a green roof included in plans for Wynn Philadelphia.

Philly recently hosted the Soak it Up! Awards for innovative stormwater management solutions, and has been profiled by numerous publications praising our "multi-million dollar green infrastructure plans to help solve...combined sewer overflow and stormwater problems." Let's hope the momentum keeps going.
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