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Rental Roundup: West Philly on the Cheap

As the spring semester draws to a close in UCity and picnic season heats up in Clark Park, lots of apartments and housing options are hitting the market. We've picked a few of our favorites at three different price-points to help you gauge what might be available in your price range.

UNDER $400:
It can be done! You're pretty much looking at house-shares and co-ops, but there are options!
1.) Room at 46th and Spruce for $330: So, from the looks of it, it's a tiny room, but for $330, you can't really complain. It's also an appealing mint green color, and apparently there's a fire pit in the backyard.

2.) Room at 44th and Spruce: No images, so we can't tell you how tiny the room is, but we're guessing it's not huge. However, there are two porches, two accessible roofs, and one cat.
3.) Room at Sansom and 44th: Again, not huge, but it looks like it might come furnished, and it's a little bigger than the first place. Ad says that there's a back deck, two cats, and one dog.

UNDER $700:
You can live alone in West Philly for less than a grand. In fact, you can live in a studio for less than $700.
1.) Studio at 42nd at Baltimore: This ad does not mention square footage, so we assume it's basically a closet. However, it's a closet right across from Clark Park, you can bring your cats, and you only have to pay electric.

2.) Studio at 44th and Pine for $680: You can tell from the clutter that it's a little cramped, but there's a queen-size bed in there, so it can't be too tiny. Listing notes that it's in an apartment building, which might be less picturesque than other options, but the tenant only pays electric and internet.

3.) One bedroom at Baltimore and 47th for $700: This looks small, but really cute. The walls are painted bright colors, and the cut-out entrance to the kitchen is a selling point.

UNDER $1000:
At this price point, there are more spacious options, but you're still pretty much looking at one bedrooms.
1.) One bedroom at 46th and Baltimore for $950: More adorable cut-out doorways, and the place looks truly spacious for a one bedroom.

2.) One bedroom at St. Bernard and Warrington for $900: This place appears to have 2 fireplaces from the pictures, and features a private heated porch.

3.) One bedroom at Chester and 48th for $1000: $1000 is a little steep for a one bedroom in West Philly, but this place looks brand new and huge.

All images via Craigslist postings.