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PGCB Will Investigate Casino Developers Like The FBI

Having heard a few rounds of totally unbiased testimony, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board is moving on to the investigative stage of the Casino licensure process, and they mean business. The chief enforcement council pulled no punches in describing the investigative process: "We knock on doors where you live, and where you used to live."

The purpose of the gaming board's investigations is to ensure that the developers are "suitable to hold a casino license." This means thorough investigations of their business histories, as you might expect, but it also means the board will check into their criminal, litigation, and personal histories.

The gaming board might not have to look too hard to dig up dirt. In Febuary, news of Bart Blatstein's tax delinquency surfaced, and though Blatstein did immediately pay his back taxes, delinquency can't help his chances. PHL Local Gaming also exposed themselves to scrutiny: they paid people, (either $25 per day or $50 for every two hours, depending upon who you ask,) to sit in on the casino hearings and pose as Casino Revolution supporters.

Of course, the developers aren't the only subjects of scrutiny. Their proposals will be investigated for nine months to a year, with particular attention to the details of their financing proposals.

Cooperation will be mandatory: if the board sees anyone "dragging his feet," they can withdraw the proposal from contention, "with prejudice," which sounds both official and frightening.
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