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Wynn & Wall St. Tell Philly: You're Getting a Casino, And You're Gonna Like It

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Sick of hearing about casinos already? Too bad! By the end of the year, we'll know which lovely casinotestant gets to set up shop in our fair city, but until then, expect to be bombarded with casino specs and speculations. Today, our billionaire friends from New York and Vegas had some pronouncements on the subject of casinos in Philly.

Steve Wynn, purveyor of fine gaming establishments and non-boardwalk board based parks, recognizes complaints that the Wynn Boston project looks a whole lot like Wynn Philly. He hears you. He just doesn't care. On the subject of the similarity between the two projects, Wynn said: "It is the same hotel tower; I make no bones about it. I love that look. It's a signature tower. And I don't apologize for it." Wynn went on to explain that he picks a certain color glass to make people look more attractive in his hotel rooms. As we may have mentioned, certain snarkitects do not feel the same way about Wynn's "signature tower."

Over at Wall St., our other billionaire friends, known best for their infallible ability to predict the future, told us that there's room in the Philly market for a second casino, and that the casino won't hurt the Atlantic City casinos.

Like it or not, we're getting a casino.
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