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Triangle Park Demolished, Save for a Few Trees

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Triangle Park, formerly a vacant lot, was designed, built, and maintained by the surrounding community. We say was, because this past weekend, the land owner all but razed the park to the ground.

The park had always had an uncertain future, as the land was never owned by the city or the community. Stuart Schlaffman, the landowner, received an offer to buy the park from the city Redevelopment Authority, but due to disputes over environmental remediation, the deal was never signed, and the park remained in Mr. Sclaffman's possession.

Schlaffman put up a fence surrounding the park in order to make the lot look more like a vacant lot for sale, and to facilitate environmental testing (as the land was previously a gas station.) Though Schlaffman claimed that the fence was not an aggressive gesture, it's hard to not read some kind of spite into the most recent "modifications" taken to the park.

The lot is listed for sale for $250k.
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