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Here's What You Need To Know About Getting Around Before July 1st

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SEPTA, everyone's favorite urban transit system, (no really, SEPTA is an award winning transportation network,) is raising fares and changing payment systems starting on July 1st. As details continue to come in, we've boiled all the hype into a simple list of need-to-know info for Philadelphians who have places to go.

If you use a Transpass: Monthly and weekly transpasses will go up in price. A monthly pass will cost $92, and a weekly pass will cost $24.50. But that's not all: Transpasses will now come with a weekly limit of 50 rides, and a monthly limit of 200 rides. SEPTA says that this is to reduce pass sharing, now that they have agreed to give up the gender stickers on the passes.

If you use tokens: Tokens will go up in price from $1.55 per token to $1.80 per token. Paper transfers will still be available for $1 until July of 2014.

If you're bad at planning ahead: Cash fares will go up to $2.25, meaning that it is even less likely that you will have exact fare at any given time.

Our advice? Start stockpiling tokens.
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