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Country Charm? Misplaced Art Museum Townhouse Asks $849K

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You don't usually expect the interior of a rural B&B to show up inside an Art Museum townhouse, but that's what you'll find here. Though kitschy kitchen tiles depicting fruit are actually pretty synchronous with precious stained glass tiles depicting flowers, rarely do the twain meet. However, if you're into miniaturized plant portraits and hardwood everywhere (walls, ceiling, wetbar,) have we got an Art Museum townhouse for you.

There's something unsettling about interiors that merit the brokerbabble boilerplate "country charm" in a city like Philadelphia. Even so, most people won't complain about the hardwood wet bar, or the giant windows that take up a full corner. There's a working fireplace too, but above it is a giant gold-framed mirror that looks difficult to remove.

Weird interior details aside, this house's real selling point is its location, and the exterior space takes full advantage. The roof deck offers panoramic vistas of verdant fields, and the back yard contains an impeccably coiffed verdant field of its own.

House Vitals:
Size: 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3,100 sq ft
Weird Amenities Include: Tiny portraits of fruit and flowers incorporated into all the decor, weird tilework everywhere, wood paneling overload, what appears to be a working fireplace, gaudy gold frame mirror.
Outdoor space: Gorgeous roof deck, backyard with patio
Asking price: $849,500
· 2320 Green Street [Estately]