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Greenway to Connect Rivers, Separate Bikes and Cars

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The Spring Garden Greenway project, which aims to create a bike lane/green space down the center of Spring Garden Street, has moved from the planning stage to the scrounging around for money stage. The greenway would extend from river to river, and would include space for both pedestrians and bikers. It's a pretty solid idea: keeping bikes separate from cars is good for everyone, and the greenway would help with stormwater management to boot.

Even though the greenway would significantly benefit the city in myriad ways, it would also require continuous upkeep and maintenance: landscaping a stretch of of green space that extends from the Delaware River to the Schuylkill won't be cheap. Building it in the first place won't be cheap either: the most recent cost estimate is $30.7 million.

The Greenway project does have many potential funders, and they want to fund the project by drawing on the resources of multiple backers, instead of asking one group to foot the bill. No matter what, it'll be a while until we see the project materialize: construction won't start until 2016.
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