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Small & Mighty: The Potential of Modular Housing, & More

The New Kensington Community Development Corporation (NKCDC) has a lot of different projects on its plate, but their affordable housing projects promise some of the most innovative and sustainable design in the city. The NKCDC is already working with the Philadelphia Redevelopment Authority to renovate, restore, and sell houses in Kensington as part of their Neighborhood Stablization Program, but they're doing more than just rehabbing old houses.

The NKCDC also has plans for turning vacant lots in Kensington into affordable housing. In 2008, they commissioned a report to lay the groundwork for developments of 10+ or 40+ modular houses, called "wee houses." There's no funding for one of these developments yet, but the report did find that they would be inexpensive, efficient, and darn cute.

On top of that, the NKCDC is working on a development of 14 sustainable, affordable, normal size homes that would include sustainable features such as "pourvous pavement, rain barrels, green roofs and a storm water manatement system."
· New Kensington Community Development Corporation [Official Site]