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Kensington Interior Design Disaster Museum Asks $65K

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This West Kensington home has been on the market since last June, and while we wish we could say that this is a mystery, it's not. The interior functions as a sort of showroom for interior design snafus. We're talking checkerboard tile, odious teal striped wallpaper, faux wood paneling, a shiny gold duvet and tchotchkes galore. While the design is guided an overabundance of whimsy, the interior space is also dark and cramped. The bathroom appears to have either a mirrored shower door or a mirror inside the shower, and the kitchen, while serviceable, is cramped. The interior design is consistent with the exterior color choices: the house is inexplicably covered in white siding on the front and red paint on the sides. However, the house does have a nice outdoor porch, and depending upon your religious feelings, you might like the mosaics. While the design is truly, uh, tacky-chic, the price isn't bad, depending upon where in West Kensington the house is located.

House Vitals:
Size: 2 beds, 1 bath, 1,074 square feet
Amenities include: An unfinished basement, mirrored walls, checkerboard and reverse checkerboard tile, an outdoor mosaic of a path leading to a giant cruxifix.
Outdoor space: Broker babble says private backyard, we say private patio. But it is nice.
Asking price: $64,000