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Want to Live Inside a 'Love Letters' Mural? For $110K, You Can.

Can't get enough of Steve Powers' "Love Letters" mural series alongside the El in West Philly? Feel like the time you spend with the murals is insufficient? This house at 50th and Market proves that there's a solution to every problem: you could live your whole life beside one of the murals on the east facing wall of your home! This property at 5027 is probably only exciting for serious "Love Letters" fans, but the price isn't bad either.

This home is definitely a landmark of sorts, and your friends would never get confused trying to find your house. The mural series, which dots walls from 45th Street to 63rd Street alongside Market, is meant to express an individual love story that can be generalized to the city, and hold individual meaning for everyone who sees it. It was completed on Valentine's Day of 2010, and is, by all accounts, pretty cute. Unfortunately, the whole point of the "Love Letter" mural project is that you can see the murals from the El, which means you'd be living right next to the El.

Pictures taken with a shaky hand reveal that the house has serviceable but boring interiors, and though the listing claims there are five bedrooms, we only see one. Boarded up windows and doors on the first floor suggest that part of the house might need a little fixing up.

House Vitals:
Size: 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, 1348 sq ft
Amenities: Not a whole lot to brag about, other than the mural. Oh, and it's very close to transportation.
Asking price: $110,000
· 5027 Market Street [Trulia]
· Love Letter Series [Mural Arts]