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Like High Ceilings? NoLibs Converted Garage Asks $500K

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The words "converted garage" don't really do this place justice, nor does the nondescript front entrance. It is a converted garage, but it's also the death knell for anyone else's NoLibs shabby-chic ambitions. Here is the perfect distillation of the glossy rehab vibe that NoLibs warehouse lofts and rehabbed asbestos factories can only dream of achieving. Game over.

Even the decor for this place is pitch perfect. The disco ball, dreamcatcher, and numerous taxidermied creatures should be jarring and gauche, but they fit right in with the raw concrete and metal. The upstairs bathroom is separated from the bedroom by what appears to be a giant doily, and somehow, it looks great. The balcony is custom, and brokerbabble notes that there are "supports for a Green roof option," of course. Sure, it's all a little too perfectly shabby chic, but you won't care when you're sitting around the fire pit in your post-apocalyptic fantasy courtyard.

House Vitals:
Size: 2 beds, 3 baths, 2,720 sq ft
Amenities: Absurdly high ceilings, all the exposed brick, concrete, and metal you could dream, and double hung garage doors.
Asking price: $500,000
· 1220 N. Mascher St. [Trulia]