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Opposed Zip Line is Actually an 'Adventure Course'

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Last month, news of a proposed zipline in Wissahickon Valley Park came out and community opposition began to gather. As it turns out, the "zipline" is in fact a "Treetop Adventure Course," a difference so crucial that the city went and made a webpage all about what a Treetop Adventure Course entails. In brief: ropes, trees, dorky harnesses. However, these revelations have done nothing to stem controversy related to the hypothetical ropes-in-trees recreation facility.

In fact, neighbors from local civic associations have formed a group, the Alliance for the Preservation of the Wissahickon (APOW) to protect the park from the encroaching threat of rope-based recreation.

The city estimates that the course would receive about 150 visitors per day, and bring in a modest revenue stream for the department of Parks & Recreation. However, APOW feels that the course would damage trees and wildlife. Equestrians, who often ride in the proposed course area, fear losing 8-10 acres of park.

Expect continuing coverage of this hot-button issue.
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