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Where Would You Choose to Live for $1K?

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Unlike many cities on the Eastern seaboard, Philly boasts a wide variety of options for affordable rentals. Almost every neighborhood can accomodate a renter looking to spend a grand or less, but there are a few differences. Here are three different rentals for $1000, or just a little less. Vote in the poll to determine which of these rentals is the best place to live for less than $1K.
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Art Museum: As one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in the city, the Art Museum does not offer a lot of space for a grand. What it does offer, apparently, is a large reflective surface and a somewhat cramped kitchen for $950/month.
· 1601 Spring Garden [Trulia]

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Bella Vista: You'll get a little more space in Bella Vista, and from the looks of it, a completely new kitchen. This newly renovated one bedroom even has a spiral staircase. No word in the listing on whether the pictured deck attaches to the apartment, but either way, it's a pretty nice place with lots of space. The exterior is nothing to write home about, though.
· 1245 Carpenter [Trulia]

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Port Richmond: Though Port Richmond shares a border with Fishtown, where rents are steadily increasing, prices are still relatively low. This two bedroom Port Richmond house is newly renovated and has a very large kitchen. The exterior paint color is baffling, but this house is still very reasonable for $950/month.
· 2716 Webb [Trulia]

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