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Row has Gorgeous Kitchen, Weird Flowers on Floor, Asks $109K

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This house appears to have been redone for a narcissistic chef: there are mirrors everywhere (even propped up against a table on the floor,) and a fabulous kitchen. The decor incorporates a truly bizarre homage to an amorphus green plant all over the floor of one of the bedrooms. However, this house makes great use of space, and it's decked out with all the urban-boho features your heart could desire.

Though there are some spaces that appear cramped, whoever redid the place took advantage of every square inch. The kitchen includes an overhead cookware rack, and a super long spice rack. The bar also evinces thoughtful design, with an overhead glassrack and lots of counter space. Crafty photography is responsible for the spacious feel in the pictures, (this house does seem to have some cramped spaces,) but the exposed beams in one of the rooms can also artificially create an expansive feel.

There are some stranger features, though: at least one of the decorative fireplaces is covered over with a strange tile mosaic, and one of the bedrooms features an homage to some kind of unidentifiable green plant all over the floor and staircase.

House Vitals:
Size: 5 beds, 2 baths, 2064 sq ft
Amenities: Exposed beams, full bar, thoughtful kitchen, weird floor art, and an alleged back yard (no pictures, so remain skeptical.)
Asking price: $109,900
· 923 N. 48th Street [Official Site]