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Energy Efficient Stables Now House Humans

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[Photos by Lillie Williams]

The Stables, a development of 27 sustainable houses in Northern Liberties, is in its final stages: two units have already sold, and the first new residents will move in to the development soon. The houses are not yet passive house certified, but new residents report seeing their energy meters go backwards, meaning that their house has actually been generating more energy than it is using!

The name of the development is no accident, but rather a tribute to the site's previous use, as the headquarters of the 76 Carriage Company: yes, there really was a barn full of horses that lived here.

The Stables is one of many developments that repurposes elements of previous buildings to add perspective and style to new condos, but The Stables is unique in its intensive commitment to sustainability. The interiors are full of small touches that allow for energy savings, from commonsense ideas like use of natural light to cut down on electricity use, to more complex features that help retain heat and cool the house. The Stables will be the first buildings in Philadelphia to receive Passive House certification, which affirms that a house meets rigorous energy savings standards.
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