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'Eclectic Design': Overprecious G-Ho Townhome Asks $315K

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This townhome might not have been staged: the decor here is just so precious that bringing a photographer through might not have required much rearranging. You'll either love or hate this place: draws include gorgeous outdoor space, lots of exposed brick, hardwood floors, and a spacious, updated kitchen. Potential drawbacks include lots of busy wallpaper, and the sense that the house is an Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie/Free People catalog come ever so preciously to life.

Broker babble sunnily explains that the decor is the product of "owner's flair for eclectic design," and describes it as a "relaxed urban space." Update: A commenter noted that this home has also been featured on apartment therapy.

The reality is that whether you love or hate the design choices, most of them won't stay. Sure, you'll still have an endless green animal parade in one of the bedrooms, but wallpaper comes down, and if you really hate having chalkboard paint in your living room, you can paint over it. The exterior space, however, will retain its raised beds, which is a win all around.

House Vitals:
Size: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, 1440 sq ft
Amenities include: Charming outdoor pebble garden, exposed brick for days, busy wallpaper, chalkboard walls, & a wine fridge.
Asking price: $314,900
· 712 South Chadwick [Trulia]