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Fishtown Fecal Matters: Charming Developer's Gracious Gifts

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Thanks to a tipster, we became aware of an ugly situation brewing over in Fishtown. Apparently, Extreme Contracting, the people responsible for the Jackpot Cyber Cafe, have become embroiled in a dispute with residents who live close to their new project on the 2300 block of East Thompson Street. A neighbor has begun to document his feud with Extreme Contracting, which has gotten a little...shittier than most development disputes tend to get.

According to the neighbor, Extreme Contracting has thrown not one, but two bags of feces into his yard. But the harrassment didn't stop there. The neighbor has recorded footage of a worker actually mooning him. Actually. The video, via Philadelinquency, is below, as are links to Philadelinquency's extensive coverage of this particular developer's misadventures in neighborhood relations.

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