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Snarkitects Have Their Say on Casinos Next Week: A Preview

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Philadelphia architecture and design cabal, the Design Advocacy Group will release a report card for the Casino designs tomorrow, and a draft of the report will be presented to the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board next week. Plan Philly has a detailed analysis of the important parts of this report, but we here at Curbed Philly have pulled out the Burn Book highlights from the DAG's assessments of the six casino proposals.

Market 8: A for design, A- for location.
Snarkitects say: "literally sitting in a connecting point for transit", "would knit together the historic district, the Convention Center, and the retail and business districts of Center City...would catalyze development on Chestnut East and Market East, which are both underutilized today."
The Provence: C for design, B+ for location
Snarkitects say:"We think the sort of stagey, pretend Frenchness of it is frankly, silly."
Wynn Philadelphia C- for design, D for location
Snarkitects say: "It was designed by their in-house team (Wynn Design and Development) and appears to be a very generic high-rise,"
Live! Hotel and Casino: C- for design, C for location
Snarkitects say:"its proposed garage has unattractive facades that appear to compromise important views to Center City from Citizen's Bank Park." "...similar to a suburban shopping mall."
Hollywood Casino: C- for design, C for location
Snarkitects say: "a similar suburban-style complex that risks tying up traffic for sports fans while contributing nothing to the creation of an urban entertainment district..."
Casino Revolution: C+ for design, C for location
Snarkitects say: The design...promises someday to include a stylish modern high-rise hotel that would be a South Philadelphia landmark. But it begins with the rehab of a warehouse, surrounded by warehouses."
· Proposed casinos to get report card from Design Advocacy Group [Plan Philly]